This is How and Why to Use PhotoTex Wall Coverings

PhotoTex is hassle free alternative to traditional wallpaper, it’s easy to install, wrinkle and bubble-free, no paste needed and certainly no adhesive residue. You can simply remove it and reposition it whenever you want, without having to worry: they’re tough and tear resistant.


You can use PhotoTex wall coverings for many purposes, Starleaton will show your how amazing PhotoTex can be and different inspiring ways to use these exceptional high quality wall coverings.


Eye catching interior or exterior designs, artwork or retail displays have never been quicker to create; reducing the need for expensive professional decorators.

  1. Eye-Catching Interior Design

Personalize your space with these adhesive wall coverings and get some positive vibes on. You don’t have much to do: choose, print, peel and stick! The best thing about it is that you don’t have to stick to the same design for long, if you ever feel bored, just remove it to find a clean wall, with no adhesive residue. You can do this on every single occasion or season so that you never get bored.


2. Home Use

If you’re looking to enhance the visual experience at home, you can get a sophisticated contemporary design in your living room or some cartoonish graphics in the kids room that are easy to install and even easier to remove later. You can choose to reposition it later on, without having to worry about wrinkles or bubbles.


3. Commercial Printing

At your retail store to announce that special promotion or for signs and exhibitions. Whether it’s for a couple of days or tens of years, PhotoTex wall coverings is the perfect choice. Guaranteed peace of mind and quality is what you need for your business.


4. Design & Advertising Agency

PhotoTex can be applied on almost any surface, which makes it perfect for agencies to use and grow their businesses when a customer needs quality wall coverings that will last, can be easily installed, removed and repositioned over and over.


5. Dealer

PhotoTex is supplied in various formats and widths up to 60” (1524mm) that are compatible with eco-solvent, UV, solvent, latex and aqueous ink. If you’re a dealer who’s looking to grow his business, PhotoTex is your way to go when it comes to wall coverings.


PhotoTex wallpaper has the following characteristics:

  • PhotoTex wall coverings will withstand different climate controls with no peeling, ripping or wrinkling whether indoors or outdoors. The adhesive will not weaken or strengthen over time and sticks to all Low and NO VOC paints, it doesn’t continue to cure over time so there is no rush to take it down like any other wallpaper covering.
  • PhotoTex is green, non-toxic and perfectly safe, and now available in a block-out and high tack versions.
  • PhotoTex is repositionable and reusable, also totally paste free.
  • Compatible with various ink types
  • Will stick to virtually any non-porous surface, walls, windows, glass, doors and ceilings.
  • Can be applied to curved mounting surfaces.


PhotoTex is only limited by your imagination, offices, shops, nurseries, hospitals all benefit from this amazing wall art.